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The CDC's current guidance is that fully vaccinated people can go maskless, excepting crowded settings such buses and planes. At the club, fully vaccinated members and guests can go maskless when inside. Again, only fully vaccinated members and guests can go maskless when inside. We also support anyone who wishes to continue wearing masks whether immune compromised or out of preference. 

Check this page regularly for running changes based on the evolving circumstances. Given the fluidity of events, we're monitoring the situation carefully and will update policies, procedures and scheduling here as needed. Thank you for your understanding during these unusual circumstances while we work to keep the best interests of our members, our employees, and the community at large in mind. Our aim is to offer the widest array of services as is possible while following best practices for slowing the spread of COVID-19.

The Glenmore Store - Let us save you a trip to the store. We're able to use our restaurant supply contacts to offer household basics and pantry staples. Order here by 5pm on Sunday for pickup or delivery the following Tuesday from 3-7pm. 

Monthly statements - If you haven't yet switched from USPS to email delivery please consider doing so now. It will help us reduce multiple touch items, and better allow staff to work from home. UPDATE: ALL STATEMENTS AND CALENDARS WILL BE EMAILED/ONLINE ONLY - NO USPS.  You can also pay your statement online via ACH transfer instead of mailing checks. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Hours - We are planning to maintain regular hours at the Club. That said, all non-essential personnel are working from home--please don't drop by the 2nd floor of the Clubhouse. Instead contact the staff member you wish to see via email and we'll do our best to accommodate appointment requests. When in the Clubhouse, only one person at a time in the elevator please, excepting members of the same family.


Indoor dining is allowed at 100% of capacity. Reservations recommended, call 434-817-0507. Hours: 11:30-9pm Fri-Sat, 10:30-8pm Sun, 11:30-8:30 Tue-Thu. Accompanied guests welcome. Note that those closing times are when the last order has to be in, not when the dining room closes. Tuesday buffets are on hold for the time being.

The 19th Hole is also open at 100% capacity. Hours are Tue-Sat 11-7pm, Sun 10:30-5pm.

Check - If the check needs splitting please let your server know when you sit down. We will not present checks when dining. Review your bill online and let us know if anything doesn’t look 100% correct. If you wish to leave extra gratuity let your server know. 

Full Lunch & Dinner Menus are Available for Delivery & To-Go - We're offering the full lunch and dinner menus for delivery for members who live within Glenmore and Rivanna Village. A 20% gratuity will be added to orders to offset the staff's loss of income. The lunch (and pizza) menu is available 11:30am-5:30pm. The dinner (and pizza) menu is available 5:30-8:00pm. Order here or call 817-0507 to order. For to-go, let us know the make/model/color of the car you'll be in (or call the Grill when you arrive) and we'll run your order out to the car for you. 

In lieu of our regular weekly specials we're offering a choice of two special "family-style" entrees each week, either sized to serve four or six. This week it's Grilled Pork Loin with Greek Orzo and Roasted Cauliflower ($45/55), or Fried Chicken with Southern Style Green Beans and Buttermilk Biscuits ($45/55). Salads and desserts sized to match are available a la carte. Please call the Grill to order (817-0507) and allow at least 30-45 minutes of lead time.  Also note that we cannot split these into servings smaller than four portions.

Prime Rib Night & Burger Night are ongoing. Every other Friday is Prime Rib Night. Choose either an 8 oz. ($28) or 12 oz. ($32) cut. Served with Buttered Asparagus, a Baked Potato, Au Jus, Horseradish Sauce, Butter and Sour Cream. The regular dinner menu is also served on Prime Rib Nights. Sunday is Burger Night. Previously done buffet-style, this year we'll offer a menu of some of classic combos, plus build-your-own options. In lieu of the regular dinner menu, the lunch menu is served all day on Burger Nights.


  • The two-per-cart rule is suspended for both private and rental carts. We're back to defaulting to two per cart, unless otherwise requested. After a year of significantly increased cart traffic on the course, please be extra mindful of not causing damage. Follow posted daily cart rules! When no specific restrictions are posted, the default rule is 90°.
  • Our cart cleaning process has been enhanced by wipe downs with a sterilizing solution. Coolers have been removed to prevent multiple touches. Sand bottles will remain on carts and we'll sterilize them after every round.
  • Rakes are back in bunkers, but their use is optional and a local rule applies to bunkers: you can lift and place your ball near where it has come to rest.
  • Leaving the flag in the hole when putting is mandatory.
  • If you'd feel more comfortable signing in by phone rather than in person call the pro shop at 817-0502 to do so--or just wave at us from outside the windows.
  • Golf lessons are available, with certain restrictions - more info here.
  • Please note the golf course is open to golfers only--biking, walking, exercising, etc. are not allowed.


The family pool is open and heated. The toddler and adult pools are closed for the season. Staffted hours have ended for the season and all access if via keys, ONLY for those age 21+. If you have general questions email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 434-817-0538.


The Fitness Center is open with reduced capacity. We've moved equipment around--including moving some to the second floor--to maximize capacity while keeping stations 10+ feet apart. Our current limit is 8 members downstairs, 4 upstairs at any one time. Equipment not easily disinfected has been removed.  Hours are 24/7 with key card access. 

  • Max usage 60 minutes per person.
  • Bring your own towels and water.
  • To use the Fitness Center you must have security access through the BRIVO system, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need access. 
  • State guidelines do NOT require masks while exercising in the fitness center or participating in classes. State guidlines DO require people to stay 10+ feet apart.
  • Equipment is being professionally treated on a regular basis with EPA approved Virex antimicrobial protectant. This is long lasting treatment which does not damage circuit boards the way alcohol or peroxide based sanitizers can. Use whatever sanitizer you wish on your hands, but stick to the provided gentler solution for the equipment. Free weights were not treated so anything can be used there.

Fitness Classes. Fitness classes are back in the Fitness Center as of 6/1.


  • Making Reservations – If you’d like to reserve a court, please call the Tennis and Fitness Center at 817-0539. If you’d like a weekly reservation please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Court Reservations Sheets – We’ll continue to post the daily reservation sheets on the porch at the Tennis and Fitness Center.
  • Drop In Play – Given we have greatly reduced organized activity due to distancing concerns we anticipate generally having plenty of flexibility for drop in play. Please check the court sheets before you pick a court.

  Pickleball - We're open for Pickleball, with the following limitations:

  • Singles play - Each member must supply their own balls for serving, and follow the ball usage procedures outlined below.
  • Singles and doubles - Because of the smaller court, doubles teams must be comprised of members of the same household. In other words, same side of the net = same household to comply with social distancing.
  • Household vs. household doubles - Each household must use their own balls for serving, and follow the ball usage procedures outlined below.
  • All other forms of play are suspended due to social distancing concerns. 

  Tennis - Social singles and doubles play continues under the following guidelines. These guidelines must be followed whether or not you are wearing gloves.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Each player is required to bring their own can of balls. Tennis balls and cans need to be marked by their respective owners. Players can also use different numbered tennis balls to distinguish one from another.
  • When serving, each player uses only their own balls to serve, with the balls of other players kept in their respective cans.
  • During play, the only person allowed to touch any of the balls is the server whose balls are in play. If a player other than the server wishes to retrieve a ball, that player is prohibited from touching the ball with their hands; they can only pick up the ball using their racquet and shoe, and they must return the ball to the server using only their racquet, taking care not to touch the ball with their hands. This rule is no different for those wearing gloves.
  • At the conclusion of play, be sure balls are returned to their proper cans.
  • Members in same household playing alone may continue to share equipment, tennis balls, etc.

These guidelines are in effect until further notice and must be followed if we are to continue to offer racquets programming and activities at the Club. Failure to comply will result in suspension of facility privilege. Also note use of the ball machine is on hold for the time being, and water is not available at the facility. Please bring your own water.

Tennis Instruction -

  • Private instruction will continued to be offered for groups of one to four persons.
  • Serving instruction will no longer be offered.
  • Programming options and costs are not yet finalized as we're still working out the details.

Tennis Repair and Restringing - We've adjusted the usual procedure as follows:

  • Let Mark know in advance if you would like to have your racquet(s) restrung/regripped/repaired.
  • We’ll advise on the time and location to leave the racquet(s).
  • Allow 3-5 days for us to complete the requested work while safely handling equipment: receive, disinfect, maintenance/repair, disinfect, return.
  • Following completion, we’ll advise on pickup time and location.