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    Junior Camps

For more info on any of the below, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Glenmore Half-Day Camps

Eight weeks of summer fun! From 6/12 through 7/28, with each week having a different theme. All weeks are for ages 5+, with drop off by the pool at 8am. New for 2023, an extra hour of swimming, so note that pickup is now 2pm instead of 1pm. More info here, sign up here


Glenmore Full-Day Camps

Two weeks of full-day camps in August. Week 1: 7/31 to 8/4, ages 5-12, "Summerfest's Greatest Hits." Campers will participate in all the activities the club has to offer, with each day having a theme chosen from the earlier camps. Week 2: 8/7 to 8/11, ages 7-14, "Glenmore Sports Camp." A week of sports activities and instruction, culminating in the second annual Glenmore Cup, a team competition with a combination of racquets, golf and swimming contests. More info here, sign up here.


Discover Golf Summer Camps

Ages 7-13. Three weeks of morning camps. Juniors will be immersed into the world of golf through fun and play, with games like King Putt, Catching Corns and Tiki Tirade. Appropriate for all skill levels, and we'll have clubs available for beginners who don't yet have their own. First camp starts 6/20, more info here, sign up here.